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Welcome to our home in Truro’s historic Cathedral Lane. We can’t wait to show you around.

Canary Blue is an entirely different kind of jewellery shop.

Our team of friendly jewellers are here to support you in the discovery and design of pieces which will last a lifetime. We won’t have you stand in the cold, trying to choose your perfect ring through a window. Instead, we’ll welcome you into our shop and workshop where you can browse our cabinets at your leisure or sit down and discuss exactly what you want from your piece of jewellery.

Relax in our comfortable furnishings, exciting displays and virtually limitless choice. We allow you to tailor your jewellery precisely to realise your dreams on your own budget. We can source you stones from our ethical supply chain, allowing you to choose your perfect stone before we set it into your new piece of jewellery. We’ll help you create something truly individual.

Our workshop combines traditional techniques with cutting edge equipment to create, restore or remodel your favourite piece of jewellery, be it a new design or a treasured heirloom.

We look forward to showing you how jewellery buying should be.

Meet the Team


Goldsmith and Diamond Expert

Richard loves jewellery, cars and cats. He’s worked in most every aspect of the jewellery industry in the last 21 years, but as a sentimental thing he has always enjoyed the stories behind the jewellery and helping make people smile the most.



Laura is a cat person, who enjoys fine jewellery and getting lost in a book. After studying Jewellery Design at Falmouth University Laura served her time at the Bench here in Cornwall honing her practical skills as a goldsmith (being taught for a time by our very own Darren). If you need a design beautifully illustrated before we make it a reality, Laura is just the person!


Goldsmith and Restoration Expert

Darren isn’t actually a Viking, but he does love Norway. If it’s a priceless heirloom or a 1950’s classic car he can make it better than new. He is also a cat person. With decades of experience at the Bench there isn’t much that he hasn’t worked on; he prides himself on the quality of his work and takes pleasure in being able to restore what most would deem irreparable. I once watched him repair an engagement ring that had been ran over by a car. True story.


Mum and Christmas Time Helper (also a designer of houses)

Richard’s mum can be found helping in the shop at Christmas, when she’s not busy designing homes to build for people. She’s not a jeweller, but is great fun to choose Diamonds with over a glass of fizz! Is 100% a dog person.


Shiny things model and Muse

Megan loves old movies and going on adventures. She is also at present count, up to three engagement rings… (one “proper” one, one very robust one for skiing and one she wore during pregnancy) she loves to see how things are made and helped to hand make Richards wedding ring. Another cat person.

Baby Rupert

Baby Rupert

Special Advisor / Trainee Goldsmith

Little Rupert is learning all about jewellery and happiness when he visits the shop. He’s been known to help out with designs and gemstone choices and is generally just super cute.


4 Cathedral Lane

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